XLinear Vision Digital Intraoral x-ray sensor

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Next generation digital plug and play sensor.

Revolution in dental imaging by photon counting detection technology  

Both CCD and a-Si detectors makes indirect conversion, which not only yields low X-ray conversion rate, but also due to scattering light, spatial resolution is reduced.

A photon counting detector is much more robust since it is made from semi-conductor materials. The direct conversion avoids scattering made by the scintillator. Zero dark noise and high linearity contribute to extraordinary image quality.

Direct Imaging Enables Clearer Images and High Reliability

Of its high technical requirements and costs, photon-counting is an emerging technology in clinical radiography.  This manufacturer are the world’s first to apply the latest photon-counting technology to dentistry, resulting in direct imaging, avoiding the interference of light scattering from conventional indirect imaging, and ensuring image acquisition stability.

The broad dynamic range eliminates time-consuming fine-tuning of exposure to produce a clinical image. 

Adjust contrast and brightness to meet different clinical requirements. 

Cutting Edge Technology and Strict Tests Deliver Unrivaled Durability

The intraoral sensor uses silica-based chips instead of the traditional material, cesium iodide, avoiding image blurring or performance deterioration. 

500,000+ exposures and 100,000+ cable bending tests ensure performance under different working conditions. A shock-resistant and waterproof casing securely protects the sensor.

Technical Specifications

  • Effective imaging area 2.5 x 3.0cm  

  • Grayscale ≥16 bits (Highest in the industry).

  • Tested spatial resolution12-14Lp/mm.

  • Connection USB connection/ Wireless.

  • Connection cable 3m (Extendable).

  • Support system Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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