Mani Stainless steel burs 28mm size 2/assorted

Size: Size 2
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  • MI Stainless Burs made of stainless steel, ensuring repeated autoclaving without risk of corrosion
  • Specifically engineered blade rake angles to remove decalcified softened dentin efficiently
  • Cutting flutes with excellent wear resistance due to the hardness of stainless steel
  • Available in six bur head sizes to accommodate various clinical requirements
  • Tip: Use tactile sensation to differentiate between cavity floor and sidewall to avoid excessive cutting

Description: Upgrade your dental practice with MI Stainless Burs, crafted from durable stainless steel to withstand repeated autoclaving without the risk of corrosion. Here's why they're essential tools for both general dentists and endodontists:

Cutting Performance: The MI Stainless Burs are meticulously engineered with blade rake angles designed to efficiently remove decalcified softened dentin, ensuring precise and effective cavity preparation. Whether it's removing decayed tissue or shaping the root canal system, these burs deliver consistent cutting performance.

Blade Durability: With cutting flutes boasting excellent wear resistance due to the hardness of stainless steel, these burs maintain sharpness and durability throughout extended use. Dentists can rely on them for prolonged procedures without compromising cutting efficiency.

Versatile Sizes: Available in six bur head sizes, these burs cater to a wide range of clinical requirements, from small restorations to larger cavity preparations. Dentists have the flexibility to choose the appropriate size for each procedure, ensuring optimal results and patient comfort.

Usage Tip: It's crucial to avoid excessive cutting by using tactile sensation to differentiate between the cavity floor and sidewall. This ensures precise cavity preparation while minimizing unnecessary tissue removal.


  • General Dentistry: MI Stainless Burs are indispensable for various dental procedures, including cavity preparations, crown and bridge preparations, and tooth shaping. Their precise cutting performance and durable construction make them suitable for everyday use in general dental practice.
  • Endodontics: These burs are also valuable in endodontic procedures for accessing and shaping the root canal system. Their efficient cutting performance and wear-resistant flutes enable dentists to achieve optimal results in root canal therapy and retreatment.

With their superior cutting performance, durability, and versatility, MI Stainless Burs are essential additions to any dental practice, ensuring efficient and precise cavity preparation and root canal shaping with every use. 

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