Toothsaver Files (6 files per pack)

Toothsaver files: Assorted Files with 14/03 & 15/02-6% files--25mm (6 files per pk)
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Assorted pack of 6 files. 50% off first purchase using code “toothsaverfiles”  Maximum 10 packs.

Orifice opener:

17mm length 20 tip and 10% taper. Use at 350 rpm at 3N/cm.

Excellent for repositioning the canal to preserve coronal tooth structure. Use if coronal 3/4mm. 

Glide path file:

You can use this file and the orifice opener with any system you choose. 25mm 15 tip size and variable taper. Excellent glide path file. Use at 300 rpm and 1.5N/cm  torque.

Finishing files advice:

Do not have fixed ideas about what size you need to finish you preparations. Assess the apical anatomy and never force a file. See where it wants to go and have a loose 10 file and the glide path file to length before trying to finish or finish just short of where your 10 file has managed to get to. Normally, you can finish a case once there are clean dentine shavings in the apical 1-2mm of the instrument.

Finishing files: 

20/04 variable taper file: for challenging narrow canals  

25/04 variable taper: for majority of canals 

30/04 variable taper: for larger canals or teeth with lesions that you require a bigger apical shape.

20/07 for retreatments or for bigger taper.

For obturation we recommend you get matching gp points and One-Fil bioceramic cement. If the gp cone doesn’t go to length in a particular case don’t cut more tooth structure away. Use either a cone one size smaller or use the gutta percha guage and some MF gp points with biocermaic coating and place too length. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rohin - Ray Patel
File order and endo motor

Endo motor is fantastic and great deal with the file spend

Kristaq Nita
Toothsaver files

I love these files and I use them for almost all cases now. They are resistant and they go to length easily. I would highly recommend them to all dentists.

Chris Anderson
Rotary files

Delivered on time .Good service

Justin Dinley

With prior use of a size 8, the 14/03 gets straight down. It feels smooth and I have confidence in the file every time


Great files, cut efficiently

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