Paper Points

Size: 20 02 | 200 Pack | Sterile
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Sterile paper points of all sizes from Cerkamed, Diadent and SureEndo

Paper points for any roots canal size, available in both standards and non-standard sizes. All paper points are sterilised and are available in packs of either 100 or 200.


• Diadent Dia-Pro ISO.04 plus

• 120 Sterile Paper Points

• Cell Packaged 

I decided to go with cell packaged paper points as these are sterile until the pack is opened. MMPP is marked to provide preliminary guidance in measuring the root canal depth before proceeding clinically with the application of the Gutta Perha Points.

These points are highly absorbent and color coded to identify ISO tip sizes.


200 Points in a cell (potentially 50 molars)

Irradiated by Gamma-ray

Sealed and sterilised 

High solidity and absorbency for operator' convenience

• 100% Irradiated by gamma-ray : Sterilization assurance level: 10-6

• Accurate Size

• Consistent quality

• Laser inspection for tip & paper

• Lintless clean surface

• Various size selections in diverse packages

• Vivid length mark : Calibrated at 16mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm

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Dr Chudasama
Good quality product.

Good quality product.

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