FG 8 Surg | Round Carbide Bur

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- Surgical carbide bur designed for gross removal of bone
- Head diameter of 2.3mm for precision and accuracy
- Head length of 2.3mm for efficient bone removal
- Overall length of 25mm for optimal control and maneuverability

The FG 8 Surg | Round Carbide Bur by TRIHAWK is a specialized surgical tool meticulously crafted to excel in the gross removal of bone, particularly suited for dental procedures, including root canal treatments. Here's why it's perfect for general dentists:

Precision and Accuracy: With a head diameter of 2.3mm, this bur offers unparalleled precision, allowing dentists to target specific areas within the tooth structure with ease. Whether it's removing excess dentin or accessing calcified canals, the FG 8 Surg bur ensures meticulous outcomes.

Efficient Bone Removal: The 2.3mm head length ensures efficient bone removal during procedures such as root canal access and apical surgeries. Dentists can rely on its cutting-edge design to swiftly and effectively remove bone tissue while preserving the integrity of surrounding structures.

Optimal Control and Maneuverability: With an overall length of 25mm, this bur provides dentists with optimal control and maneuverability, even in the tight spaces of the oral cavity. Its ergonomic design facilitates precise movements, empowering dentists to navigate delicate anatomical structures with confidence.

- Root Canal Treatments: Essential for accessing and shaping the root canal system, ensuring thorough cleaning and shaping for successful endodontic therapy.
- Tooth Preparation: Ideal for crown and bridge preparations, offering precise and efficient removal of tooth structure while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.
- Surgical Procedures: Useful for various minor surgical procedures within the oral cavity, such as apicoectomies and surgical extractions, where precise bone removal is required for optimal outcomes.

The FG 8 Surg | Round Carbide Bur's properties and dimensions are carefully optimized to meet the demanding requirements of dental procedures, particularly root canal treatments. From its precision-engineered head diameter to its ergonomic overall length, every aspect of this bur is designed to enhance dental performance and ensure superior patient outcomes. Trust TRIHAWK for excellence in dental instrumentation.

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Pablo Lobato
Round carbide bur

Really good bur for extractions if you need to remove some bone

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