Plugger for apical plugs of open apex

Size: Prexo S (45/70)
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Prexo is a simplified endodontic plugger with an innovative design, to compact filling material with control and precision.

The key feature of the instruments is that the tear shaped tip allows easy placement of materials into the root canal system while the reverse tapered tip gives you space to see your work under the microscope.

It enables you to pack deep and precisely inside the root canal system, for apical compaction using warm vertical obturation techniques.


  • Prexo S: (red side) 21 mm, Ø at tip 0.7 mm / (grey side) 21 mm, Ø at tip 0.45 mm
  • Prexo M: (green side) 17 mm, Ø at the tip 1.05 mm / (grey side) 19 mm, Ø at the tip 0.85 mm
  • Prexo L: (blue side) 15 mm, Ø to the tip 1.4 mm / (grey side) 17 mm, Ø to the tip 1.2 mm

Product features

Sterilizable at 134°C
Monobloc dental hand instruments, in medical grade stainless steel
Made in Switzerland, hand-finished

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