MT3 Electric micro motor plug and play with water tank

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Electric motor with 1:5 contra-angle handpiece included.

For beautifully smooth preparations and cutting through bridges crowns and sectioning teeth.

Most prosthodontists prep with electric motors.

Key Features

• Plug and play brushless electric motor

• Affordable switch from turbine to electric handpiece

• Constant speed and torque with no changes as load increases

• Constant pace for precise cutting and great flexibility in preparations

• Low noise when operating at high speed / torque

What's included:

• Main unit x1

• 1:5 contra-angle with LED x1

• Power adaptor x1


Main unit 2 Years

Contra-Angle 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fantastic motor at fantastic price

Brought this motor as wanted to tip my toe into using electric as had been advices to on many restorative courses. I’d always heard the phrase that when you use it you will feel like an air rota is like a chainsaw in comparison and it’s very true. So smooth and so easy to use. Great setting which allow quick changing from speeds to go through removing a crown to prepping and then smoothing. Also the water control is ace. Would highly recommend 👏


If you don't have one and you do or want to do the very best restorative work. This is a MUST. Phenomenal control very Conservative use of water and easily adjusted allowing for better visibility. Small foot print. Works right out of the box.

Take preps to the next level

I’ve been thinking about getting an electric handpiece for some time. This seemed like a good one to try from a good reputable site. I like woodpecker products as found a lot of the Endo products reliable and affordable as an associate.
I would say this product has exceeded my expectations. It is quieter than an air turbine and the fact it doesn’t slow down during preps or sectioning is amazing. I have had a few old crown removals and bridge sectioning recently, which took forever with an air turbine and multiple burs. Yesterday I used this to section a bridge and it took 1 minute with one bur.
The touchscreen is really easy to use. It’s easy to assemble. If you’re thinking of getting one then I’d recommend this one

Steven L
Impressive Unit

Have been looking for an electric motor that was plug and play, where I didn't have to utilise the tubing on my current dental cart for a while now. I had tried the competitors ones which had to be incorporated into my dental cart but this was what I'd been looking for. Very easy to use and set up, and would highly recommend for those wanting to test electric motors.

Tanya Patel
Excellent purchase

My principal and I have been very impressed with the electric motor. The control and precision when drilling is amazing and there are already preset speeds for different procedures. The set up was very easy to install and the water lasts for a very long time. Highly recommend for others to purchase.

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