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Hahnenkratt mouth mirror heads: MEGAbrasiv #4- used for sandblasting
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MEGAabrasiv- the MEGAabrasiv FS Rhodium Mouth Mirror, a game-changer in dental instrumentation designed to withstand the rigors of abrasive techniques. Unlike ordinary mirrors, which succumb to the abrasive effects of aluminum oxide, the MEGAabrasiv mirror boasts a sapphire hard glass surface that stands up to the toughest challenges, ensuring longevity and durability

ULTRAduo- the pinnacle of dental mirror technology, renowned for its unparalleled brightness and sharpness. Crafted with a unique structure of reflective layers, this mirror delivers an unsurpassed level of clarity and brilliance, ensuring optimal visibility during dental procedures. Its scratch-resistant surface ensures long-lasting durability, even in the most demanding dental environments

ULTRAvision- Ultra-Bright Front Surface: Our mirror head's front surface reflects light
directly, minimizing distortion and enhancing visibility, facilitating precise
observations even in challenging conditions. this mirror head is perfect for those with limited jaw opening or hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough examinations without
compromising patient comfort.

BLACK ULTRAretract- The ULTRAretract mouth mirror offers dentists a host of features specifically tailored to enhance their clinical practice. By providing optimized holding of the cheek, it ensures stability during delicate procedures, allowing for precise movements without compromising patient comfort.

Black MEGAmicro- Micro-sized design, perfect for challenging cases. Flexible stem enables precise alignment, ideal for periodontics and flap openings. The precisely sharp mirror image is rich in contrast down to the smallest detail. Together with the brilliant color accuracy, the MEGA guarantees maximum visual comfort for eye-friendly, fatigue-free work and easy cleaning thanks to the front surface coating with anti-stick effect.

MICROflex ULTRA- Micro mirror with a bendable stem for precise alignment of the mirror. Suitable for microsurgery & implantology. Also suitable for periodontics, especially for flaps.


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