BLACK MEGAmicro mirror for microsurgery

Micromirrors: Black MEGAmicro (DLC) Simple stem drop shaped 3x6mm
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Micro sized, ideal for difficult cases

Introducing MICROflex Ultra+Rhodium Endo Mirrors:

  • Micro-sized design, perfect for challenging cases
  • Flexible stem enables precise alignment, ideal for periodontics and flap openings
  • Dimensions: 3mm x 6mm (drop design)
  • Lightweight construction reduces hand fatigue
  • Autoclavable 
  • Compatible with CS handles (handle not included)
  • Elevate your practice with precision and flexibility for intricate dental procedures.

Due to the flexible stem of the new endo mirrors MICROflex ultra+rhodium, they can also be used for periodontics, especially for flap openings. With the bendable stem a precise alignment of the mirror now is possible, previously unavailable.


3mm x 6mm (drop design)


Customer Reviews

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Ismail mohammed qazi
Amazing clarity

Finally got round to using the micromirrors, when doing apical surgery time is of the essence. The superb clarity and size made apical surgery so much easier and quicker. They didn't really fog up and size meant they could go right into the surgical site without any impedance.

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