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Compact Apical microsurgery kit 

  • Periosteal elevator (SIE3+FG V). Double-curved periosteal elevator – two different sizes on each end
    – used for a sharp dissection of periosteal tissue, without any tissue damage.
  • Curette (VA21+FG R). Surgical double curette shaped like an excavator, with a much sharper cutting edge allowing fast and efficient removal of the lesion.
  • Ball plugger-spatula (VA10+FG G/J). The gold standard. On one side, a thin angled spatula for the retro application of filling material, and on the other side, a ball for the first adaptation of the material itself.
  • Explorer-plugger (SIE1+FG J/B). A truly innovative instrument. On one side, a fine, pointed and flexible 4 mm explorer for correct detection of canals after apical resection. The long plugger on the other side has a flat tip with rounded angles and an inverted conical shape to perfectly adapt the filling material, without accidentally pulling it out when the instrument is removed.
    6mm long, ideal for long and straight canals.
  • Plugger (SIE2+FG B). Double plugger – same diameters, different lengths. Flat tip with rounded angles and inverted conical shape.
  • Sterilization box for five instruments (CLEANextB5)

 You need to get: Suturing kit, scalpel and microsurgery ultrasonic tips and Onefil or other bc putty in addition to this kit  

Product features

Sterilizable at 134 °C.
Monobloc dental hand instrument, in medical grade stainless steel.
Made in Switzerland, hand-finished.

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