Dental Diode laser LX16 Plus

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A new generation of high power dental diode lasers


Wide scope of application

Can be used for:

• Soft tissue surgery

• Endo/perio sterilisation

• Peri-implantitis

• Teeth whitening 

Three wavelengths for more cases. 

450nm Blue Laser

• Ideal for soft tissue cutting, ablation, coagulation and incision / excision)

• Lower thermal damage due to more efficient haemoglobin absorption. 

976nm Infrared Laser

• Ideal for deep tissue penetration and reduction of bacteria (from periodontal and endodontic diseases) 

• Suitable for high power laser treatment (HPLT)

• Pain reduction in TMJ

650nm Laser

• Ideal for low level laser therapy (LLLT)

• Supports wound healing and bio-stimulation of dental surgery. 

 Offers remarkable treatment

• Reduces bleeding during operation

• Minimises post-operative swelling

• Accelerates patient recovery

• Reduces pain for patient comfort

Product featues

• 5" capacitive touch screen

• Clean user interface design

• High powered laser output

• Fibre-optic tips and stainless steel hand-piece can be autoclaved

• High capacity lithium battery


• Fibre-optic tips

• TMJ therapy tip

• Whitening tip

• Biostimulation tip

• Laser protective glasses

Protection and safety

Three pairs of protective glasses should be used to protect the dentist, nurse / assistant, and patient from laser radiation.

Technical Specifications

Size: 220mm x 200mm x 230mm

Weight: 1.5kg

Battery capacity: 2600mAh x 2

Battery power: 11.1V (57.7Wh)

Charging time: 4 hours

Power input: 100Vac / 240Vac, 50Hz / 60Hz, 2.5A

Wavelength and power:

450 ± 20 nm: Pmax = 3W;

976 ± 20 nm: Pmax = 5W;

650 ± 20 nm: Pmax = 200mW;

Laser classification:

976 nm: Class IV

650 nm: Class II

450 nm: Class IV

Emission modes:

Continuous wave (CW) chopped 1Hz to 20kHz

Aiming beam: 

650 ± 20 nm / Pmax < 5mW (CW)


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