Knitted Retraction cord

Sure cord: 000.0
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50 cm sample pack

✅Impregnated with Aluminium Chloride

✅No staining of the tissue

✅Intense tensile strength

✅One touch cutting cap with ceramic cutting blade


✅Thin size for double-cord technique (#000.0)

✅Knitted with Split microfiber

Also consider cord packers 3mm and 1.5mm packers. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Delicate and Efficient

I am very impressed with these, they are very delicate and efficient.

Joe Scullion
Quality Cord

Love this cord . It doesn’t unravel and is soooo easily placed with a thin flat plastic instrument . The bright green colour too makes it easy for the lab to differentiate tooth from cord when reading a digital scan . And the pre-impregnated clotting agent simplifies my work , and gives the patient no bad taste.

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