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Intra-oral camera: Camera with plastic casing- Pre-order only
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We believe every surgery in your practice should have an Intra-oral camera and it’s been our mission to make this as affordable as possible.

We have a lightweight, ergonomic, user friendly plug and play camera in a plastic or metal variations.

They come with a usb connector to plug directly into your computer or laptop or can order a separate touch screen devise.

In order to provide the best possible pricing this special price is for the camera product only. Should you wish to have customer support too please select this at check out.

We also have a Twain driver and are currently testing the integrations with all major software providers.


Why are intra-oral cameras so important?

Photographs play a crucial role in patient education and the growth and marketing of a dental practice.

1. **Visual Aid**:
- Intra-oral photographs provide a clear, visual representation of the patient’s dental condition. This makes it easier for patients to understand their oral health issues and the necessity of proposed treatments.

2. **Enhanced Communication**:
- Dental terminology can be complex and difficult for patients to grasp. Photographs bridge the communication gap by showing rather than just telling. This improves patient comprehension and retention of information.

3. **Progress Tracking**:
- These photos document the starting point of treatment and can be used to show the progress and effectiveness of ongoing treatments. Seeing tangible results can motivate patients to follow through with their treatment plans and maintain good oral hygiene.

4. **Personalized Consultations**:
- Tailored consultations using the patient’s own intra-oral photos make the discussion more relevant and personalized. This can enhance patient trust and satisfaction as they feel their specific needs are being addressed.

5. **Informed Decision-Making**:
- When patients see the actual condition of their teeth and gums, they are more likely to understand the importance of treatment and preventive care. This leads to more informed and empowered decisions regarding their dental health.

6. **Defending against malicious mediolegal claims**:

### Growth and Marketing

1. **Building Trust and Credibility**:
- Showcasing a clinical portfolio to prospective patients

2. **Differentiation**:
- High-quality intra-oral photographs can set a dental practice apart from competitors. They demonstrate a commitment to advanced technology and thorough patient care.

3. **Word-of-Mouth Referrals**:
- Satisfied patients who see and appreciate the results of their treatment are more likely to refer friends and family. Intra-oral photos can serve as a visual testament to the quality of care provided, encouraging word-of-mouth marketing.

4. **Content Creation**:
- These photos provide valuable content for marketing materials such as brochures, newsletters, blogs, and social media posts. Engaging visuals can attract more attention and interest from potential patients.

5. **Improved Case Acceptance**:
- When patients visually understand the necessity of treatment, they are more likely to accept the proposed dental procedures. This increases the practice’s case acceptance rates and overall revenue.

6. **Professional Development**:
- Sharing intra-oral photos in dental forums and conferences can contribute to professional development and recognition among peers. This can enhance the practice’s reputation within the dental community.


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