Endo access long shank, rose head bur (pack of 5)

Size: H1SEB.205.014
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  • Endo Access Long Shank Rose Head Bur, specially designed for detecting and accessing root canals, particularly in cases of obliterated or deep canals
  • Long neck ensures a clear view in deeper regions of the cavity for precise access to the root canal system
  • Intended for use in a contra-angle with micromotor at 1,500 - 2,000 rpm, without cooling, applying only light pressure during preparation
  • NTI Tungsten Carbide Bur RAXL – ISO No. H1SNL

Description: Elevate your endodontic procedures with the Endo Access Long Shank Rose Head Bur, meticulously crafted for efficient detection and access to root canals, even in challenging cases. Here's why it's a must-have tool for general dentists and endodontists alike:

Precision Design: This tungsten carbide bur is specifically engineered for endodontic treatment, with a round müller shape that facilitates the precise location, opening, and extension of root canals. The small diameter enables access to even the most delicate anterior teeth, while the longer slim neck ensures reliable canal location without compromising visibility, particularly under the endodontic microscope.

Efficient Cutting Geometry: The cutting geometry of this bur is expertly designed to make the removal of hardened dentin easier, enhancing efficiency and precision during root canal procedures. With three sizes available (006, 008, or 010), clinicians can choose the appropriate size for each clinical scenario, ensuring optimal results.

Versatile Applications: The Endo Access Long Shank Rose Head Bur is indispensable for a wide range of endodontic procedures, including root canal detection, access cavity preparation, and dentin removal. Its long shank and rose head design make it particularly suited for accessing deep or obliterated canals, providing clinicians with the tools they need to navigate complex root canal systems with confidence.

With its precision design, efficient cutting geometry, and versatile applications, the Endo Access Long Shank Rose Head Bur is an essential addition to any dental practice, enabling clinicians to achieve optimal results in endodontic treatments with ease and confidence.

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