Air Polisher AP-A

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Stand alone table top design air polisher.
For scaler and air polisher with heat controls see Pt-B.
The Woodpecker AP-A has a smart designed powder tank to reduce fluid pressure loss with a nozzle shape to concentrate powder output for accurate air polishing.
Ergonomic design with the following features:

Fully transparent funnel-shaped powder tank
Stable powder output
360 rotatable, allowing real-time observation of powder flow in the tank
Compact and lightweight: the main unit weighs only 2kg
Space-saving base design
Supragingival & subgingival mode.
Three-section handpiece design, detachable handpiece, easier to remove clogging.
Lightweight design for ease of use.
Small-caliber nozzle to concentrate powder output
More accurate scaling
Subgingival nozzle made of medical polymers
360° rotatable
Three-direction powder output
One-direction water output
Suitable for use with Sodium Bicarbonate, Glycine, Calcium Carbonate, & Aluminum Hydroxide

Main technical specification

Power adapter input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 1.1A Model: USE48- 300130SPA3

Main unit input: 30V 1.3A

Main unit insurance: T1.6AL 250V

Air inlet pressure: 5.5bar ~ 7.5bar(0.55MPa ~ 0.75MPa)

Main unit weight: 2.0kg

Main unit size: length×width×height 270mm×170mm×90mm

The AP-A Model Includes:

  • Foot Pedal 
  • Power Lead 
  • Subgingival Air Polisher Handpiece (AP-2) 
  • Supragingival Air Polisher Handpiece (AP-1) 
  • Subgingival Powder Tank 
  • Supragingival Powder Tank 
  • Nozzle Wrench 
  • Subgingival Nozzles x 10
  • 1400 ml Water Bottle 
  • Sterilization Box x 2
  • Needles (Long & Short) x 1 Kit
  • 700ml Conical Water Bottle 
  • Male & Female Connectors x 1 Pair
  • Union Tee 
  • Air Pipe connector 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
bijan shamsaee
A Great Device

Review - Air Polisher

Recently had to change as my air polisher add on kept on backflowing sand onto the unit and It was time to change.

Decided to get a standalone for speed and ease of maintaince.

Actual unit is medium sized see attached pics.

The hand piece is very light weight compared to my old one almost like holding a pen and works really well I use different powders depending on the staining. I use it with nearly all my scaling as patients love it and prefer it to the previous polisher I used.

The air purge function is fantastic and even when cleaning it out there is no sand left behind once purged dont even see the point of cleaning it now with the wire cleaners.

Word of warning I didn't realise the need for compressed air (obviously) but it does come with all you need to attach it in to a existing airline as its got a 3 way connector I have split the air going to the handpieces and use a small regulator very easy but most may opt for a engineer.

Also comes with 2 containers for powder and 2 different sized containers for water.

Fantastic and would recommend

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