ULTRAvision Size #0 Mirror | 3 Pack & size 5 mirrors 12 pack

Ultra vision mirrors: Size 0 for hard to access areas 14mm box of 3
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Size zero (0)14mm mirror head ultra-bright

ULTRAvision Size #0 Mirror


 Ultra-Bright Front Surface: Our mirror head's front surface reflects light
directly, minimizing distortion and enhancing visibility, facilitating precise
observations even in challenging conditions.

 Simple Stem Handle Attachment: Effortlessly attach the mirror head to a
compatible stem handle, providing a secure and ergonomic grip for seamless
maneuverability during examinations.

 Ideal for Patients with Limited Opening or Difficult Access: Designed with
patients' comfort in mind, this mirror head is perfect for those with limited jaw
opening or hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough examinations without
compromising patient comfort.


Benefits of Front Surface Mirrors:

 Minimized Image Distortion: Unlike conventional mirrors, front surface
mirrors reflect light directly off their outer surface, significantly reducing
image distortion caused by double reflections, ensuring accurate diagnostics.

 Enhanced Image Clarity: By eliminating ghost images and enhancing light
reflection, front surface mirrors provide unparalleled clarity, allowing dental
professionals to discern even the tiniest details with precision and confidence.

 Improved Patient Experience: With clearer visibility and reduced
examination time, front surface mirrors contribute to a more comfortable and
efficient dental visit, enhancing patient satisfaction and fostering trust in
dental care providers.

Tailored for precision, this mirror head boasts an ultra-bright front surface, ensuring
crystal-clear reflections for accurate diagnostics. It has unparalleled clarity using our
Size 0 (14mm) Front Surface Mirror Head, meticulously crafted to meet the demands
of modern dental examinations

The Size 0 (14mm) Front Surface Mirror Head, delivers superior visibility and accuracy
for comprehensive examinations. Invest in precision, invest in excellence.

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