Toothsaver “The surgery course” Endo microsurgery course with Dr Paula Villa 28th/29th June 2024.

Microsurgery course: Day 1 only
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This exciting endo microsurgery course will allow you to take your clinical skills to the next level. 

Delivered by the world renouned clinician Dr Paula Villa, this 2 day course will take place in central London. Paula will cover everything you need to know in order to offer world class surgical treatment.

This course is a requirement for attending later live patient courses as we need to be confident all the treating clinicians have appropriate surgical skills. 

The course will be delivered over 2 days. 
For one day course book here

For 2 day comprehensive course book here

Day 1: 

✅ Treatment planning 

✅ Anatomical fundamentals and medical history considerations for surgery

✅ Step by step approach as show through recorded surgical cases and commentary by Paula to explain all the intricacies of the procedure 

✅ Learn how to achieve optimal haemostatic control

✅ Flap design

✅ Bone manipulation

✅ Introduction to guided surgery: static and dynamic

✅ Root resection

✅ Isthmus management and the retroprep

✅ Obturation techniques

✅ Complications and how to avoid

✅ Grafting, prf and sticky bone. How, why and when.

✅ Outcome 

✅ Intentional reimplantation 

Day 2: Hands on in Guys skills lab in London Bridge 

Flap design and the techniques for clean incisions 

Practice full thickness, papilla preservation, submarginal and curtain flap design. How and when to use each design.

✅ Suturing: learn all the essentials of suturing. Simple interrupted, vertical and horizontal mattress suturing and sling sutures.

✅ Bone manipulation with burs and piezo. Compare different techniques and complete the bony window technique  

✅Introduction to piezo surgery and techniques for reduced surgical inflammation, safe root end curing and sinus membrane elevation.

✅ Step by step surgical approach on models and teeth  

✅ Intro to use of laser in microsurgery.

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Apostolos Bozis
Can’t wait!!!

Highly recommended course… can’t wait to attend !

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