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The Smart A is a new generation of Endodontic Motor designed by endodontists for endodontists.

Key features

Smart A is here and are delighted to be the exclusive authorised distributer for the UK.

If you like tech and gadgets then this motor is for you.

✅ Smart App control by watch, iPad, iPhone or Android device.
✅ Records treatment reports/data and stores in cloud.
✅ Virtually hands-free; if desired you can control speed, torque, forward and reverse rotation, reciprocation by voice control. Alternatively, adjust your settings on the app and you are ready to go.
✅ Collaboration with the brilliant Dr Walid Nehme for canal unblock mode and ledge bypass mode. 
✅ Beautifully balanced and light.
✅ Microhead and insulated so no need for silicone cover.
✅ Integrated apex locator.
✅ Wireless magnetic charging.
✅ Wireless foot pedal if desired.


• 17mm minimum diameter of handpiece. 

• 6:1 contra angle (same as Ai Motor)

• 360º rotatable contra angle head

• Contra angle coated with special material to facilitate Apex Locator without a silicone sleeve. 

• High performance brushless motor 

• Up-to 10x longer service life than brush motors

• 20 - 30% quieter operation

• Adjustable rotational angle at 10º intervals in reciprocating mode

• Adaptable for use with multiple file systems 

• Voice command operation mode

• Power button as LED indicator

• Wireless magnetic charging

• 4000mAh power-bank built into base

• USB-C power cable

BB Mode

This mode is for bypassing blockages caused by dentin debris and pulp residue

The file moves continuously at 90º with a one second interval between movements to aid bypass blockage within the canal.

LB Mode

This mode is for ledge bypassing.

The reciprocating files are combined with a gradual change of the angle of rotation, reciprocating in cycles of: “angle set -2º, angle set -1º, angle set 0º, angle set +1º”.

The file is searching for the canal entrance and once engaged the file is spun in a continuous motion to reduce the ledge. (NB the file must be precurved for this function to be effective).

Also compatible with:

Optional woodpecker smart watch 

(sold separately) 

WEndo App for iOS and Android 

Wireless foot pedal 

Extra contra-angled heads are available here  


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kate Heffernan
Smart A

Vv smart

Usmaan majid
A must have!

Firstly the way it looks. From the packaging, to the motor and magnetic stand, down to the (optional use) wireless foot pedal it looks gorgeous.

Setup is straightforward. The WEndo app is a clear and intuitive interface with functions where you can record your treatments and program the motor.

The lightweight yet high quality feel of the motor and handpiece is second to none. The tactile feedback one experiences far surpasses that of any motor I have used. The ease of use is complemented by the optional wireless foot pedal, which is (surprisingly!) something I’ll be using quite often - especially in those tight spots we often face where pressing the on/off button could hinder you.

The integrated apex locator is the first I’ve ever used on a wireless motor that actually works reliably every time. This is consistent in both ‘stand alone’ mode and ‘two in one’ mode where the motor can be used to simultaneously prepare canals and indicate where the apex is.

This motor really simplifies what we do when it comes to Endodontics and makes the process more than slick.

Is it worth the extra £ in comparison the to Ai motor from Woodpecker also sold by Toothsaver. Yes it is. My Black Ai motor is brilliant. I would buy another Ai motor without a seconds doubt. But for that simplified ease of use and lightweight feel the Smart A is worth the investment.

To summarise, this remarkable motor from is a must have for any dental practice, not only those specifically working in the field of Endodontics.

Did I mention mine is bright orange!? Wow.

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