Prophylaxis Air polishing Powder Fast x 4 bottles for best value

Flavour x 4 bottles: Peach Pt-S1
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4 bottles x 65um sodium bicarbonate


Peach flavoured prophylaxis powder for Air polishing.
Quick stain removal and effective against more stubborn pigment. 

65um particle size, Sodium Bicarbonate Base.

  • 300g Bottle x 4 bottles
  • Peach/Strawberry Flavour 
  • 65um Particle Size
  • Sodium Bicarbonate Base 
  • Rapid stain & calculus removal. 
  • Powder Type: PT-S1
  • 2.5 Mohs's hardness. 

Main Composition: 

Sodium Bicarbonate, Hydrophobic Silica, Sodium Saccharinate, Food Flavouring. 

Storage & Use: 

Shake bottle well before use to evenly disperse particles.

Tighten cap after each use to ensure prolonged performance.

Store at room temperature and keep away from damp areas and direct sunlight.  

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