Fi-P & Fi-G Obturation

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Case Study + Feedback

First time using AI motor, Fi-G and Fi-P today. It generally went pretty well I think for a first attempt, I had accessed this tooth previously and knew it had a wide canal so I used the protaper gold rotary system instead of VS files (and I used the apex locator at the same time as filing). I used one-fil sealer (I got a sealant puff?), an 06 protaper GP point, cut that back with FI-P and then used FI-G to fill the rest of the canal. I wasn't sure what temp to heat the GP to, so I started at 180 degrees and it was really stiff and not flowing well, I think that might be why I got the void, once I turned it up to 200 it seemed to flow much better so I'll go straight to 200 in future and hopefully won't get voids..? I did do it incrementally and use a hand plugger at each layer. Any thoughts or advice on anything I could do differently next time would be much appreciated, 

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